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Ruslaan (2024)

Ruslaan is an exciting Indian movie directed by Karan Lalit Butani and made by K. K. Radhamohan. It stars Aayush Sharma as the main character Ruslaan, Sushrii Shreya Mishra, Jagapathi Babu, and Vidya Malvade. The film has a great story and a fantastic cast.

Karan Lalit Butani directs the movie, it brings together a talented group of actors to tell an exciting story about rebellion and finding oneself. It is distributed by NH Studioz, Ruslaan combines action, emotions, and an interesting plot to entertain audiences.

DirectorKaran Lalit Butani
ProducerK. K. Radhamohan
ScreenplayYunus Sajawal, Mohit Srivastava, Kavin Dave
StarringAayush Sharma, Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, Jagapathi Babu, etc
MusicVishal Mishra, Rajat Nagpal, etc
Release Date26 April 2024
Run Time120 minutes
Budget₹25 crore


Ruslaan is a great movie that blends action and emotions to tell a great story. Aayush Sharma, who plays Ruslaan, does an amazing job showing the ups and downs of his character. He makes you feel Ruslaan’s struggles and determination as he discovers who he is. The movie also features talented actors like Jagapathi Babu, Sushrii Shreya Mishra, Vidya Malavade, and Suniel Shetty, who add depth to the story with their performances.

Director Karan Lalit Butani does an amazing job showing Ruslaan’s fight against society. The camera work by G. Srinivas Reddy captures Ruslaan’s journey well, from his music to his hard decisions. Every part of the movie makes you feel like you’re right beside Ruslaan. It makes you think about big ideas like who you are and being free.

Star Cast of Ruslaan

  • Aayush Sharma as Ruslaan
  • Sushrii Shreya Mishra
  • Jagapathi Babu as Raghavendra Sinha, Ruslaan’s father
  • Vidya Malvade as Ruslaan’s handler
  • Beena Banerjee
  • Sal Yusuf as Ozan
  • Richard Bhakti Klein as Bernie Stephen
  • Manish Gaharwar

Ruslaan Box Office Collection

People are really excited about the movie Ruslaan, especially because Aayush Sharma, who is Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, is in it. The movie is coming out on April 26, and people are already booking tickets in advance. There’s a lot of talk about it on social media, and Salman Khan has been talking about it a lot, too.

Since people are so hyped up about this action-packed movie, experts think it will do well when it first comes out. Aayush Sharma wants to make a name for himself in the film industry, and he’s expected to do a great job in this movie. The trailer got a lot of positive comments, so there’s hope that Ruslaan will make a lot of money when it opens. Everyone’s excited to see if Ruslaan can live up to all the excitement and do well at the box office.


Ruslaan is about a guy named Ruslaan, played by Aayush Sharma, who faces a big struggle. He’s torn between two worlds: one where he’s a talented musician and another where he’s a determined rebel. He’s trying to figure out who he really is and wants to break free from what people expect him to be.

The movie talks about important things like who you are, being free, and being yourself. It shows Ruslaan’s fight to understand himself better. Ruslaan reminds us how brave it is to be different from what others want us to be. With great actors and a good story, the movie promises to touch people’s hearts and make them think about rebellion and making their own choices.

Where to Watch Ruslaan Online?

Ruslaan is exciting audiences in theatres right now, offering a thrilling movie experience. You can enjoy the action and great acting by Aayush Sharma and the rest of the cast by watching it at your local theatre. But if you prefer watching movies at home, Ruslaan will soon be available to stream on popular online platforms. Stay tuned for updates on where to watch it.

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